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People call me hope, i like to call myself dead.

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Friends Only.

  selective adding | if you want me to add you just comment with your interests so i can know who you are. I don't like to mess with other people's interests so i'm good with whatever you like, just that if you mess with my interests you're so dead :) jk, but let's make friends with us, not with our fandoms. If you are interested in my graphics they're at attomick & soundofdelusion and my other communities are on the links.
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About Me:
I'm Vanessa but you can call me Vane or Anne, (i freaking love anne) i was born on 1994 on september 1th, i have 16 years (i'm such a kid) LOL. I'm from Tamaulipas, Mexico; but i live in Coahuila (Mexico) because my dad took a job in here 9 years ago. I live with my Mom Juliana, My two sisters Reyna (11) and Ericka (4) and my Dad Eric. I have a little french puddle called "Burbuja" (bubble) i wanted to call it shadow but no one on my house can speak english so burbuja won. I'm in 3 semester of high school, i'm studying the technical career of informatica (?) well computers and all that stuff, and i have a pretty good life. I think. I speak spanish and a little english, i really suck on it because i've never been on any kind of classes or something, i've never have study english, never. I'm pretty single right now, but i'm in love with one of my ex boyfriends, because i always want what i can't have is like a vicious to me! but he's not the same so it's pretty messy. I love spending my time with series, writing and reading. I have this dream of writing a book, but i can't cause everytime i start something i don't like then i change it, and i start all over again; so wait like 5 years. I never leave my laptop in home, i absolutely love her; my dad gave it to me in my 15th birthday so i really love it, he made an effort. My favourite food is chicken salad. My mom makes the best chicken salad of the world! and i love it, like 6 months ago i had eating problems (not so serious) but i went to therapy and i had to eat. I have a little low self-steem about my weight u_u but then the doctors said i had a really high possibility of being diabetic so i just start eating again, and now everytime i skip even ONE MEAL my sugar levels go crazy.

I have a huge obsession on soundtracks i love listen soundtracks, idk why, i love them. kpop, jonas brothers, glee, demi lovato, taylor swift, pitbull (just his remixes), the all american-rejects, paramore, jason mraz, john mayer, coldplay, ss501, big bang, wonder girls, insite, collective soul, hana pestle, robert pattinson. the cranberries, MGMT, florence + the machine, muse, the runaways, lady gaga, the drums, marron 5, bloc party, radiohead, one republic, david guetta, dj tiesto, the killers, KAT-TUN, black kids, death cab for cutie, kings of lion, damien rice, the artic monkeys, the gossip, ocean drive, ximena sariñana, hot hot heat, cafe tacuba, hombres g, LMFAO, glasvegas, metric.

30 rock, the big bang theory, grey's anatomy, cougar town, scrubs, true blood, supernatural, doctor who, skins, Law and order U.V.E, Jersey shore, two and a half men, F·R·I·E·N·D·S, the new adventures of old christine, glee, veronica mars, JONAS, sunny with a chance, the wizards of waverly place, true blood.

» I'm a huge twilighter i'm fan of the books, and i have a huge crush with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Jackson Rathbone, and Robsten. And i love all the actors of the saga. I start reading twilight 3 years ago and they still got me like the first day :) so i'm really proud of it.
» I have this weakness for british boys, even if they're ugly as shit. I love them!
» Guys with glasses, god damn it. <3
» I'm so confused by my sexuality at this point.
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